Wednesday, September 21, 2016

For one night only

"Come on, this way," Moses grabbed Jupiter's hand as he started to run but she shook it off. She kept following him though. Secrets were so intriguing.

"Where are we going?" she called after him, but he didn't answer. The only sound was of their bare feet slapping the cracked sidewalk. They ran further where the shops became fewer and the emptiness between them became bigger. And then suddenly, the emptiness was gone. Instead, it was filled by a village of white and red striped tents, all clustered around one great big one. People swarmed and yelled so that their voices made a cacophonous wall of noise.  

"A circus..." Jupiter sighed the words and they hung there, suspended in awe. 

"It's here for one night only!" Moses looked at Jupiter's face, bounced on his toes, and beamed. "Pretty neat huh?" 

Jupiter snapped back to look at him. "So this is the secret?" she said, her voice regaining its air of cynicism. "Everyone knows it's here, its huge."

"Oh, what? Oh, no this isn't the secret." He smiled. "Come with me." Moses plunged into the crowd, grabbing Jupiter's hand. This time she let him.