Friday, August 26, 2016

#1-(Picasso's Airstream)- The day started with...

The day started with rain. It made a puddle at the bottom of the slide, so Jupiter walked over to the see-saw even though there was a boy already on it. She stood there for a minute without saying anything, her proximity and stare asking for permission to join in. The boy just kept jumping with the see-saw, which was pointless she thought. You can jump anywhere without sticking your butt on a see-saw.

"Don't you want someone else to sit so you can go higher?" she said.

"Nope," and he kept jumping.

She walked over to the other side and when he jumped up, she sat down on the seat.

"Hey!" he yelled as his feet left the ground and flung up in the air, throwing him off balance. "I said I don't want a partner!"

"Fine." Jupiter stood up and he came crashing down with a thud. She winced, it looked kind of painful and she hadn't meant to hurt him, just give him a little resentful knock. But she turned her back on him all the same and started to walk away.

"Hey wait a minute! You can't just walk away like that," he called out.

"Sure can," she said without interrupting her stride. The boy scrambled up and ran to catch up to her.

"But that was sort of mean and I didn't even do anything to you."

Well now she felt bad. What was she supposed to say to that? She had sorta been mean, not that he hadn't deserved it. But she stopped walking and turned to look at him. He was pasty and white, and the freckles that were smudged on his face and the shaggy hair that surrounded it seemed much too dark in comparison. His pale and vaguely translucent skin was stretched over the outline of bones without much to fill in and gave him a sickly and faded look. Like maybe he'd been drawn in color pencil and then someone tried to erase him but only succeeded slightly. Except for the shockingly green eyes. Jupiter liked to look people in the eye whenever possible. His eyes were otherworldly and she found it hard to look away.

"Why were you mean to me?" he asked after a minute calling her back to the present see-saw dilemma.

"You were mean first."

He looked like he was about to protest, but instead said, "What's your name anyway?"

"Jupiter Jackson. What's yours?" she replied.

"Jupiter? Like the planet?" he said with an air of amusement, ignoring her question.

"No, like the place. Its in Florida. My mom met my dad there."

"Oh, well I'm Moses. I've heard of Florida, maybe we should be friends."

"Sure," she replied, her voice devoid of real interest.

"Since we're friends, wanna know a secret?"